Got it? Get it. — PSI/Caribbean safe sex campaign

A student brought this YouTube video to my attention recently. The 30-second video,uploaded in January 2013, promotes safe sex with the message Tube up, lube up.  I did some checks and apparently it is a part of the Got it? Get it. campaign that is managed by the Caribbean arm of Population Services International (PSI/C). Since 2005, PSI/Caribbean has been based in Trinidad and Tobago with offices in 12 English-speaking Caribbean islands. They have been implementing a regional social marketing programme that addresses HIV and AIDS. The Got It? Get It. (GIGI) safe sex brand has been developed over the past four years since 2009/2010 to help the PSI/Caribbean achieve its mandate.

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Regional campaigns can be difficult to implement and the GIGI campaign recognizes this. According to one blog post on Healthy Lives:

The Caribbean is a vibrant region that is geographically and culturally diverse, and as such, it is often challenging to promote a singular brand such as GIGIâ€

To address this challenge, GIGI has relied on social media to disseminate its messages. Since 2010, GIGI has been on popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.The campaign has a website and there have been Brand Ambassador competitions in various islands. Here is another blog post about the campaign.

The YouTube channel created October 20, 2010, is called GIGI Sexnice. It archives 59 videos, has 496 subscribers and as at November 17, 2013, has captured over 1 million views (1,124,709 to be exact). The Facebook page has 32,982 likes (as at November 17, 2013), with 71 people talking about it. Since the first tweet on September 2, 2010, the Twitter account has accumulated 642 tweets and 252 followers.

One wonders though if the use of social media platforms and aiming for a strong social media presence really helps to ensure that a campaign has regional impact. From a quick perusal of the online content, there seems to be varying degrees of GIGI- related campaign activity taking place around the region. The ones in Trinidad and Tobago are well documented, too. Ultimately, the success of this regional campaign will depend on its ability to maintain a regional GIGI safe sex brand while recognizing the idiosyncrasies in each island where the campaign is being implemented.

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